A crisis also offers opportunities! This one-liner has come up frequently in the various media in recent weeks. Whether it is Van Gaal hoping for more mutual solidarity in soccer, the environmentalists who see green opportunities or the opportunities that investors smell. A crisis seems inextricably linked to the creation of opportunities. We also see this in our environment.

Many organizations use this period to put their house in order. In recent weeks, for example, it seems Customs has moved to speed up the issuance of AEO permits. Maybe coincidence or a confluence of circumstances, but for days we received messages from customers who received their AEO authorization. Not surprising in itself. Indeed, Customs has indicated it is scaling down its outside operations due to the Corona crisis. So there is more time to prepare reports. Ongoing cases, including AEO applications, can be completed expeditiously. New AEO applications can then be processed immediately when “normal” life returns later and there are opportunities there. Companies that want to obtain AEO status before the Brexit and are sending their applications soon will be on the immediate list.

Customs processes and AEO optimization in Times of Crisis

In addition, companies are also using this period to put their customs processes in order. Of course, there are companies that have suspended attention in investments because of market slowdowns. But there are also companies that are now paying extra attention to implementing and optimizing AEO in their organization.

We too are adapting our methods to the new circumstances. The counseling of our clients can largely take place virtually. Interviews are held via Microsoft Teams or Skype, AEO files are reviewed remotely, and guidance in the AEO permit application process is also perfectly possible remotely using modern techniques.

Finally, we are using the opportunity to take up issues internally that the delusion of the day has prevented us from doing recently. Above all, it is also the gain in travel time that creates quite a bit of space to further set up other things including our LinkedIn page and website. In addition, we have been busy in recent times to market GRC more broadly by partnering with other parties. We will report more on this in the coming weeks.

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