Handbook Explanation DMS

We would like to share an important update regarding the transition from AGS to DMS. This transition brings about changes that will impact your business processes. We understand that these changes may raise questions and there is a need for clarity. For this reason, over the past months, we have provided free access via LinkedIn and on our website to the transposition table AGS-DMS and the conversion table for the code lists prepared by GRC. Now, the Handbook Explanation DMS is also available.

This explanation is not only crucial for companies conducting customs declarations themselves but also for those who have outsourced this task to customs representatives. Companies, after all, remain responsible for the quality of their customs processes. The explanation aids in rewriting internal procedures concerning, among other things, the collection of necessary data, instructions to customs representatives, and the verification of declarations.

Previously, Customs provided explanations in Annex VI of the General Customs Regulation. Unfortunately, these explanations are not available for DMS.

GRC’s DMS explanation

Within GRC, under the guidance of Customs consultant Twan Kroon, extensive work has been done to create an explanation. The explanation provides a clear and simple description of matters related to DMS. While not all regulations are included due to the volume, the most commonly used regulations are covered in this explanation, namely:

  • Column B1 Declaration for export and declaration for re-export
  • Column B3 Declaration for customs warehousing of Union goods
  • Column H1 Declaration for free circulation and special arrangement – Specific destination – Declaration for special destination
  • Column H2 Special arrangement – Storage – Declaration for customs warehousing
  • Column H3 Special arrangement – Specific destination – Declaration for temporary admission

Initially, the idea was to collaborate with others in writing the DMS Explanation to lighten the workload. Unfortunately, this did not materialize, and GRC has written the Explanation alone. Therefore, it is not possible to provide the Explanation for free.

If you are interested and would like to receive this Explanation, you can register for it, this time for a fee, by sending an email to info@grc-customs.com. If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Twan Kroon – twan.kroon@nl-grc.com – +31 6 20396317

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