‘Annikka in Customs Land’ 1

In my first working week as a Consultant, I conducted an audit at a new client together with GRC Customs’ managing partner, Iris Snijders-Kroon. As a working student at GRC, I mainly participated in projects focused on the customs AEO permit application process. All the more fun now, in my new position as a consultant, to immediately see a new component. Namely, how a company that has had an AEO permit for several years has set up the management and maintenance of the permit.

Iris and I conducted an audit on 3 of the 5 criteria of the AEO permit. The first thing I noticed was that the client had prepared well for the audit and also had a lot of knowledge about customs. Several employees were responsible for managing the customs file. The company had many described and internal controls were in place and recorded. I found it interesting to see how companies with AEO status remain “in compliance” to maintain their status.
Iris clarified that companies often struggle to monitor themselves and keep AEO records current. I now have a better understanding of the expectations for companies when applying for and maintaining an AEO license. So the insights gained from one help improve the advice given to another.

So a fun first week! I look forward to the upcoming experiences and will keep you posted on what I learn and see.

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