Conversion Table AGS – DMS for Code Lists

After releasing the AGS-DMS transposition table online in May, we have now also published the conversion table for the code lists.

Meanwhile, the transition to DMS is progressing in phases, and initial experiences have been gained.
The transition appears smooth, noted by a conspicuous lack of discussion, particularly on social media. When implementing the new Customs Declaration Management System, not only have codes been moved to different tables, but they have also been given different names. We find it useful to visualize such changes—for our own declaration practice and also for our clients who either make their own declarations or have them done elsewhere and want to maintain visibility on the quality of their declarations. With the conversion table below, you can quickly see where the data from the old list is located in the new code list. Use the conversion table below to easily locate data from the old list in the new one. Convenient and time-saving!

In the meantime, we are diligently working on the DMS Explanation.

For technical reasons, the AGS-DMS conversion table for the code lists can no longer be downloaded. If you are interested in receiving it, you can send an email to The conversion table is provided free of charge.

For questions and/or comments, please contact:

Twan Kroon


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