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We provide expert guidance to your organization on various customs and international trade matters, prioritizing comprehensive compliance.

Customs clearance

Full transparency in the declaration process through the GCS Portal, providing real-time insights into customs files. 

Compliance Software

Maintaining effective control over customs licenses requires a strong emphasis on self-regulation. Our software simplifies this task, ensuring you to maintain a comprehensive ‘in control’ status.

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Compliance software

Our Compliance software, ACT, simplifies the process of achieving and maintaining ‘in control’ status. ACT includes all the standards required to meet customs compliance, trade compliance and Horizontal Surveillance.

A plug & play solution allows you to get started immediately. We’ve already set up the environment for you, so all you need to do is answer the questions you’re asked. In addition, we provide clear instructions and, if necessary, examples to make our knowledge available to you. Our back office is available daily to answer both functional and customs-related questions.

The top 5 features:

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Self-assessments and audits
  • Incident registration
  • Library 
  • Reports