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Monitoring of customs licenses, Export Compliance Program and Tax Control Framework with the compliance tool ACT.

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AEO Compliance Tool ACT.

Compliance requires a high degree of self-regulation. This applies to both customs compliance and trade compliance. Our software structures operations and makes it easier to be and stay “in control.

AEO was the first authorization to be included in the tool. Logical because AEO is the umbrella under which other customs authorizations hang. Hence the name ACT.

The AEO authorization was soon followed by other customs authorizations. Our customers then asked if the environment could also be set up for Horizontal Monitoring and Export Compliance. So now the Export Compliance Program and Tax Control Framework have also been added to the tool’s content. So that means that among other things, assessments, explanations, audits and audit planning are already structured for the user in the tool so you can easily get started.

Monitoring of customs licenses, export controls and horizontal supervision invested in one tool. Very convenient and effective. Indeed, these various frameworks overlap to a considerable extent.

With ACT, you have real-time monitoring reporting and can provide evidence to Customs and Tax authorities through reporting. ACT is going to help you better implement the customs control frameworks and spread the associated work more broadly in the organization. The same goes for the Tax Control Framework and the Export Compliance Program.