We provide in-house training at companies as well as online training and courses. We offer training and courses on the following topics:

  • AEO awareness for different target groups
  • Incoterms 2020
  • Trade Compliance
  • Customs Import & Export
  • Classification
  • Origin
  • Electronic Customs Declaration

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AEO awareness

For different groups of employees in operational, administrative and management roles, we offer trainings where employees acquire basic knowledge on AEO that is in line with their function and that gives insight in their role in relation to AEO.

Incoterms 2020

This training gives insight into the Incoterms 2020. The obligations and responsibilities of selling and buying parties are discussed, along with the delivery times and associated risk transitions. The relationship between the Incoterm rules and the international payment terms is also covered.

Customs & Trade Compliance Academy

Depending on your business and industry and the interests and priorities of your company, we can provide customised training and zoom in on topics such as import, export, origin, valuation etc. Furthermore different customs arrangements and licenses can be addressed, all depending on your business needs.

Tariff Classification

The assignment of the most appropriate tariff schedule description is one of the most basic and maybe also most difficult tasks in the customs clearance process. A tariff classification is made in accordance with the Harmonized System. The importer is responsible for selecting the most appropriate tariff provision for a specific imported item from among thousands of possible tariff classifications. This training will help you to improve your routines. The process of classification and the applicable rules are covered in this training.


A company that is part of an international supply chain must be aware of the security risks that come with cross-border trade. In our approach we therefore also pay attention to AEO related topics like air freight safety (known consignor or regulated agent), food health and safety requirements and other safety norms such as Good Distribution Practice (GDP), depending on the industry in which your company operates. We have experience with the implementation of AEO at companies in various industries, such as pharma and automotive. We can advise you on supply chain compliance and best practices of other companies in your line of business.