A GRC Customs pitch by ChatGPT. What do we think of that?

On the initiative of our youngest consultant Isabelle Snijders, we asked ChatGPT to pitch GRC Customs. In the assignment, we provided a few words that we wanted to see in the pitch. Below is the result! We recognize our company word for word. Some texts even come from our own website. The tone also suits us. We were surprised, delighted, and amused at the same time. We are curious about what ChatGPT will bring us and how it will ultimately change our work. See the result below.

GRC Customs: The reliable partner for integrated customs solutions

GRC Customs welcomes you! We are a leading partner in customs affairs, compliance, risk management, and customs advice. Our mission is to support your company in all aspects of customs handling, providing unparalleled quality, knowledge transfer, and specialized expertise. With our advanced compliance software, we aim to make your customs processes more efficient and effective.

Problem Statement

Within the complex landscape of international trade, customs affairs and compliance are crucial but can also be challenging. Adhering to ever-changing regulations and managing the risks associated with international trade requires expertise and insight. Moreover, the lack of streamlined customs handling can expose your company to delays, fines, and reputational damage.

Solution GRC Customs

GRC Customs is ready to support you with all your customs affairs. Our experienced team of customs specialists understands the complexity of local and international regulations and can guide you to achieve full compliance. Whether it’s filing customs documents, creating customs plans, or identifying risks and implementing risk management strategies, we have the expertise to protect and grow your business.

With our advanced compliance software, we offer you a user-friendly and efficient solution to streamline your customs processes. Our software automates tasks, simplifies documentation, and provides real-time insight, giving you control over your customs activities and certainty about compliance.


Expert support: Our team of customs specialists is ready to guide your company in meeting complex customs requirements and risk management.

Compliance and risk management: We assist you in identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and smooth operations.

Efficient customs handling: With our advanced compliance software, you automate customs tasks, minimize errors, and increase the efficiency of your customs processes.

Knowledge transfer: We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with your team, enabling you to better address customs affairs and compliance.

Reliable partnership: GRC Customs is your trusted long-term partner, always ready to support your company.

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