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The compliance tool ACT facilitates seamless monitoring of customs licenses, the Export Compliance Program, and the Tax Control Framework.

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AEO Compliance Tool ACT

Compliance management demands a robust self-regulatory approach, applicable to both customs and trade compliance. Our software optimizes processes, empowering you to stay firmly ‘in control.’

Initially designed with the AEO license in mind,  ACT seamlessly includes various other customs licenses. Responding to client demands, we expanded the tool to incorporate Export Compliance, and Tax Control Frameworks. This integration ensures structured assessments, explanations, audits, and audit planning for user convenience.

Bringing together the monitoring of customs licenses, export controls, and horizontal supervision in a single tool provides a practical and efficient solution, given the significant overlap among these frameworks.

With ACT, you can benefit from real-time monitoring and simplified reporting, allowing you to provide evidence to Customs and the Tax Authority. ACT facilitates smoother implementation of customs control frameworks and the decentralized distribution of related tasks within the organization, extending to the Tax Control Framework and the Export Compliance Program.