Handbook Explanation DMS

We would like to share an important update regarding the transition from AGS to DMS. This transition brings about changes that will impact your business processes. We understand that these changes may raise questions and there is a need for clarity. For this reason, over the past months, we have provided free access via LinkedIn […]

Risk assessment and modern customs management

Every compliance program essentially revolves around the necessity to determine, from potential risks, the measures a company must take to effectively mitigate these risks and thereby comply with established customs standards. In a globalized world, international trade has become an essential part of the economy. Customs processes and compliance with laws and regulations play a […]

Conversion Table AGS – DMS for Code Lists

After releasing the AGS-DMS transposition table online in May, we have now also published the conversion table for the code lists. Meanwhile, the transition to DMS is progressing in phases, and initial experiences have been gained.The transition appears smooth, noted by a conspicuous lack of discussion, particularly on social media. When implementing the new Customs […]

A GRC Customs pitch by ChatGPT. What do we think of that?

On the initiative of our youngest consultant Isabelle Snijders, we asked ChatGPT to pitch GRC Customs. In the assignment, we provided a few words that we wanted to see in the pitch. Below is the result! We recognize our company word for word. Some texts even come from our own website. The tone also suits […]

Transposition Table AGS – DMS

Quality of customs data As a declarant, you are responsible for the quality of the declaration, whether you complete it yourself or delegate the task. Periodic checks of the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of customs declarations are therefore essential. This is especially crucial for the evidential dossier required for the AEO license. GRC Customs conducts […]

EU-Bahrain conference ‘Freedom of Religion and Belief’ 2023

Last week our junior consultant Isabelle Snijders attended the EU-Bahrain conference ‘Freedom of Religion and Belief’ in Bahrain. Along with delegates from EU countries and global representatives, Isabelle discussed the significance of freedom of religion and belief. She also explored the various themes on this fundamental right and vice versa. We think it is important […]

AEO Celebrates 15th Anniversary!!

A moment to celebrate but also a moment to scrutinize the program. Has the AEO program contributed to promoting trade and securing international supply chains, as described in its initial objectives? Is the program doing what it is supposed to do and delivering what the market participant can expect from it? The European Commission, seizing […]

55% CO2 reduction with CBAM by 2023 – Part 2

In November 2022, we published an informative blog about the European Commission’s decision to introduce a new import duty, the CBAM: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. The implementation has faced delays, and adjustments have been made. Perhaps the most significant change is the expansion of the group of companies affected by this legislation through the designation […]

What does GRC stand for in GRC Customs?

We are frequently asked that question. The answer is simple! Or maybe not. GRC stands for Governance, Risk & Compliance. At the founding ten years ago, founders Hans and Iris quickly agreed on the name. Both had previously worked as consultants at Capgemini. They brought their experience from there into their vision for advising companies, […]

‘Annikka in Customs Land’ 1

In my first working week as a Consultant, I conducted an audit at a new client together with GRC Customs’ managing partner, Iris Snijders-Kroon. As a working student at GRC, I mainly participated in projects focused on the customs AEO permit application process. All the more fun now, in my new position as a consultant, […]