Customs Training

GRC provides customs training both in-house at companies and at locations in the region. We offer the following training programs:  Additionally, we offer an E-learning course, AEO Security Awareness, designed for operational personnel.

AEO Consulting

An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) license holds significant importance for companies engaged in customs operations. However, the process of obtaining an AEO license can be intricate, starting with a foundational questionnaire that often poses challenges in interpretation and completion. Our guidance starts with interpreting the questionnaire, forming the basis for the application. We conduct a […]


We manage your export declaration process efficiently. Prior to initiation, we collaborate with you to establish a streamlined process for ensuring the accuracy of export declarations. Leveraging the user-friendly GCS Portal, we facilitate a seamless outsourcing experience for your declaration needs. Within the portal, we work together to enhance your customer profile and optimize data […]


Our ad hoc advisory services cater to specific inquiries or complex cases requiring expert guidance, offering tailored solutions and valuable insights to address your unique business compliance needs. With our experienced consultants providing in-depth analysis, strategic recommendations, and practical guidance, we ensure your company remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving compliance landscape. Whether you […]

Monitoring and Control

Whether your Export Compliance policies are well-established or recently implemented, continuous monitoring, assessment, and procedure enforcement are crucial. Our SaaS solution, ACT, provides effective monitoring and control functionalities.

Risk analysis

Gain quick insights into your company’s exposure to Export Controls and sanctions legislation risks through our efficient scanning services. Based on the results, we offer strategic discussions and actionable measures.

Export Compliance Policy Implementation

Implementing Export Compliance Policies: Ensuring compliance with Export Controls and sanctions legislation is vital for every international business. For a comprehensive integration of Export Compliance policies within your organization, we provide end-to-end support. Our project management services help structure and implement measures that guarantee maximum compliance, including support during M&A transactions.

Customs Planning & Strategy

We conduct comprehensive supply chain analyses and provide tailored recommendations on optimal customs arrangements and simplifications that best align with your business operations, ensuring maximum advantages. Effectively integrating customs within your organizational framework enables flexibility in responding to changes within your operations, among your supply chain partners, and in the context of evolving legislation and […]


We handle your import declaration process seamlessly. Prior to initiation, we collaborate with you to establish a streamlined process for ensuring the accuracy of import declarations. Utilizing the efficient GCS Portal, we facilitate the smooth outsourcing of your import declarations. Within the user-friendly portal, we collaborate to build your customer profile and enhance data quality, […]

Compliance audit

As an AEO, generating an annual monitoring report is mandatory, and other licenses often require annual assessments. To ensure your ongoing compliance, we conduct thorough audits, tailored to your specific needs. GRC performs various investigations, including feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, and AEO audits. The ACT tool serves as an effective audit tool for these […]