We handle your import declaration process seamlessly. Prior to initiation, we collaborate with you to establish a streamlined process for ensuring the accuracy of import declarations. Utilizing the efficient GCS Portal, we facilitate the smooth outsourcing of your import declarations. Within the user-friendly portal, we collaborate to build your customer profile and enhance data quality, providing a comprehensive overview of all necessary information.

Eliminate the need for email instructions by conveniently gathering all shipment information in advance within the GCS Portal. Upon receiving notification for declaration preparation, our communication through the portal streamlines information exchange, addresses inquiries promptly, and keeps you informed about the process progress.

Precise knowledge of necessary DMS requirements is vital for successful declarations, ensuring minimal delays and costs. The GCS Portal offers a clear outline of essential data, enabling you to promptly collect the required information.

This process results in automated dossier creation, consolidating all vital shipment information. Access your dossier at any time and monitor the status of import declarations. Our meticulous internal checks on dossiers are documented within the portal, providing visibility into the verification process.

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