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We are GRC Customs.

We advise your organisation on issues concerning Governance, Risk & Compliance in the field of customs and international trade.

Trade and Customs compliance entails meeting all official requirements of customs laws and complying with rules and regulations relating to the trade between two or more countries. It does not suffice to meet the formal regulatory requirements, such as the correct, complete and timely filing of import and export declarations. A company must be able to demonstrate that it is ‘in control’ of compliance risks relating to its cross-border trading activities. Many (multinational) companies face great challenges when it comes to compliance with all the legal requirements in their international supply chain and operational and logistic processes. In addition, business demands are becoming increasingly complex and the set of rules and legislation becomes more comprehensive and is constantly subject to change. In order to prevent fines, sanctions or the withdrawal of licenses, processes need to be designed in a sustainable way to enable an agile response to changes.

With GRC you have a trusted advisor that can support you in managing your international trade and customs compliance risks and advise you on related daily operational handling and issues. We provide expertise, training to get you in control of compliance risks, continually test the design, existence and effectiveness of the GRC management in your organisation and monitor the results of your efforts. This will enable you to focus on the right things, increasing your legal compliance, creating awareness on compliance risks, and saving time and costs through optimisation of your customs and trade compliance processes.

Governance, Risk & Compliance.


Customs consulting

  • Advice & support on application of customs licenses
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Process Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Trade & Customs Control Framework (CCF)
  • Audit Customs Processes

AEO in Control

  • AEO Scan
  • AEO Audit
  • AEO Project
  • AEO Management & Maintenance



  • AEO awareness
  • AEO awareness & management
  • AEO awareness & security
  • AEO awareness & Customs
  • AEO awareness & Air Cargo Security