Customs ConsultingPlanning & Strategy, Risk analysis, Audit, Trade & Customs Control Framework (TCCF)

Customs Planning & Strategy

We will analyse your supply chain and organisational processes and risks and advise on the customs procedures and simplifications that suit your business best and will provide the most benefit. A good positioning and awareness of customs and trade compliance matters in your organisation and will help you to respond flexibly to changes in your organisation, your supply chain, laws and regulations and react on (geo)political developments.

Customs Process Management

We can support your organisation with mapping and documenting your customs processes. We will adapt our approach to meet your needs and build on the knowledge that is already present in your organisation. Examples of our services in this respect include interactive workshops, administrative support and project support. Together with you we determine the most efficient process design and deployment for customs and trade compliance areas such as customs licenses, export controls management and excise regulations.

Compliance risk analysis

Getting in control of compliance can best be achieved through a risk-based approach. First applicable legal and regulatory requirements are identified. This outlines the required future situation (TO-BE state). Also, the current situation of compliance at your company is analysed (AS-IS state). Then the gaps between the two states, and therefore the risks of not being compliant, are identified and assessed on impact and likelihood, which makes it possible to prioritise them. We will help you to capture the potential customs and trade compliance risks in your company and determine to what extent they are already covered by existing measures and controls in your business processes. If necessary, additional measures are proposed to further mitigate the risks. We can also help you to initiate any corrective actions deemed necessary and provide support in your communication with the authorities involved.

Audit customs processes

Customs Authorities increasingly demand companies to take responsibility for compliance and prove they are ‘in control’ of customs risks in their processes and supply chain, including self-assessments. We can conduct an audit of your trade and customs governance. With the help of our audit results and monitoring reports, you will be able to demonstrate how you control your customs and trade risks. We examine whether the conditions of the various licenses are still being met and whether the controls you put in place still adequately cover the risks.

Trade & Customs Control Framework (TCCF)

The supervision and enforcement policy of the Customs Authorities relies mainly on a company’s own responsibility, which is particularly evident from the increasing importance of self-monitoring by the AEO licensee.  The Union Customs Code (UCC) also requires periodic self-assessments and risk analyses. The Customs Authorities will therefore ask you to provide assurance on your compliance governance. Our TCCF offers you a tool to control your trade and customs management. Through the TCCF you are able to list and prioritise your trade and customs risks, set up and execute controls and document the evidence in an audit file.